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A Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a ‘nose job’, is a surgical procedure that reshapes or resizes the nose. Widely regarded as a strictly cosmetic procedure, Rhinoplasty surgery is often vital for anyone who has suffered a nasal trauma or needs reconstructive surgery following the removal of tumors. The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic and it can take up to six months for the swelling to subside.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

A Rhinoplasty, widely known as a ‘nose job’, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. It is often used to alter the appearance of the nose or to improve breathing. It is frequently carried out when a patient has suffered a nasal trauma or following the removal of tumors. The shape of the tip, the nasal bridge, the nostrils and the angle between the nose and upper lip, can all be revised.

As the nose is a complex structure of bone and cartilage a Rhinoplasty surgeon will firstly develop a customised plan for a patient that is tailored to their specific needs. The nose reshaping operation is then performed by a plastic surgeon or an otolaryngologist (an Ear Nose & Throat specialist). A surgeon normally readjusts the bone and cartilage through a small incision in the skin or from within the nose. During a nose reduction bone and cartilage is removed to reduce the size of the bridge of the nose or reduce ‘humps’ on the nose. If the aim of a nose plastic surgery procedure is to lengthen the nose (augmenting), a surgeon will use cartilage from inside the nose or from the ear to build up a graft. This is then used to give the nose greater volume.

A Rhinoplasty procedure usually lasts between one and three hours depending on the amount of re-shaping needed. It can often take up to six months for the swelling to completely go down. Results of the nose reshaping can vary depending on your age and the condition of your skin. It is therefore important to have a full and open discussion with consultants about what you want to achieve from the operation.

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