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Facial Microvascular Reconstruction

Microvascular Reconstruction

Facial Microvascular Reconstruction

Microvascular reconstruction is an advanced technique for rebuilding facial deformities using blood vessels, bone, tissue, muscle and skin from other parts of the body.

Microvascular Reconstruction Treatment

Experts of microvascular reconstruction harvest flaps of healthy tissue and transfer it to the affected area. It is sutured into place so it can thrive in its new site.

The complex technique can be used on facial trauma deformities, on wounds and for cancer patients whose treatments have resulted in skin and tissue loss.

The results of microvascular reconstruction can improve facial appearance as well as improve functions such as swallowing, chewing, speech and eyelid movements.

Facial injuries, from minor to major, are common and it is recognized that they have a huge psychological as well as physical impact and laser techniques are available for the management of scarring.

Microvascular reconstruction surgery can be lengthy and repeat operations may be needed depending on the size of area under reconstruction. Healing periods can last weeks and months and need careful management and follow-up consultations.

Facial deformity can also be caused by an abnormality of the meeting of the teeth (called malocclusion). The teeth and facial bones can be repositioned to improve both the function and the appearance of the teeth and mouth and minimize the deformity.

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