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Facial Disproportion Correction Surgery

Facial Disproportion

Facial Disproportion Correction Surgery

The left side of the face is not a mirror image of the right side. These differences are natural and vary from person to person but in some cases, there is a huge disproportion.

What Causes Facial Disproportion?

This can be caused by the abnormal development of one side of the face or by disease or a genetic disorder. The differences will be present in the internal structure of the mouth as well as the external features and develop through childhood into adulthood.

A condition called fibrous dysplasia may effect the size of bones, and also their density, in different parts of the face. Affected bones are weak and misshapen.

Facial Disproportion Correction Surgery

Facial disproportion can cause difficulties to normal function as well as having a psychological impact but the differences can be corrected by surgery.

Orthognathic surgery – the medical specialism that puts the facial bones and structures in the best position – can balance the features once they have stopped developing and return the face to a closer symmetry.

Each operation’s length and complexity depends on the needs of a patient and often it will be considered by a multi-disciplinary team so that the results provide the best aesthetic and functional results.

Techniques are well advanced and the hospital has a depth of experience at handling a full range of cases, from minor adjustments to major corrective surgery.

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